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Plastic tanks

The other products made of plastic produced by our company are plastic tanks of various shapes - series as well as custom made tanks, sedimentation tanks, plastic tanks for chemical and food industry. We also produce additional equipment for sewage treatment plants such as specific shafts, sand filters.

Sedimentation tanks

Plastic sedimentation tanks rectangular tanks are primarily designed to capture different kinds of polluted waters and subsequent separation of sludge.

Sedimentation tank
with horizontal flow are used wherever there is a need to capture contaminated water and subsequent separation of coarse impurities (sand, gravel, scales, petroleum products, etc.).. Pits can be installed in various applications:

* Pretreatment of wastewater treatment technologies
* Treatment of rain and rinsing water from construction sand
and gravel quarries, etc..
* Water from washing agricultural products - potatoes,
beets, root vegetables
* Washing ramp trucks and passenger cars, parking areas
such as agricultural machinery, car parks etc.
* Gross wastewater pretreatment prior to the headbox oil

Suitability for use of sedimentation basins should be consulted with the manufacturer.

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