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Experience the summer differently!

Thanks to your own pool, your garden will turn into an oasis of calm, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. An own swimming pool will support a quality of your life, whether as a soothing element after a hard day or everyday fitness training, or simply for a pleasure. After all, glittering water is soothingly refreshing and helps the soul relax. Why going on holiday when the paradise is in your garden?
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Pools with skimmers

We deliver the pools with a hanging cartouche filtration or with various powerful sand filters depending on cubic contents of the pool. Skimmer, piping, and inlet nozzles are included in this filtrating system.
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We offer grease separators of OTC and oil separators of ORL. Grease separators are used to capture the non-emulsified greases and oils flowing away in sewage.
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Pools with overflow gutters

Plastic pools are very popular for their reasonable purchase prices, a high utility value and a long service life. A great amount of satisfied users in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Germany, Sweden, Slovenia, and Croatia are the proof.
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Swimming pool with integrated filtration

We have a simple solution for you: - a compact type of the pool with a simple installation..
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Pool roofing - low profile

We offer several models of roofing. Pool roofing prevents a penetration of UV radiation, thus it restricts a decomposition of chlorine in water and it also significantly extends the service life of the pool.
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Custom-type products

Based on your individual requirements or your technical documentation, we are able to produce tanks and other atypical plastic products.
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Pool roofing - higher performance

Although it is possible to slide the pool roof, it is better to put there a door. It is used for easier way to enter under the pool roof, when it is cold or windy, when we do not want to slide the whole roof.
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We offer service & consultation

We do not supply only dream pools – based on your requirements we will arrange all you need, including a turn key delivery. The pool can be built and be fully functional within one day!
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Plastic tanks

The other products made of plastic produced by our company are plastic tanks of various shapes - series as well as custom made tanks, sedimentation tanks, plastic tanks for chemical and food industry. We also produce additional equipment for sewage treatment plants such as specific shafts, sand filters.
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Choose your optional shape of the pool

Our plastic pools provide many advantages over the concrete, foil, or laminated pools. It is especially a long service life of materials used and a possibility of an optional choice of a swimming pool shape and accessories.
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Pools - entrance

Plastic pools are delivered with plastic staircases or stainless steel ladders.
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Sewage treatment plants

We offer sewage treatment plants in a range from 4 to 1000 of inhabitants ‘equivalent, for cottages, houses, recreational facilities, hotels, etc..
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Pools - Materials

Our pools are made of colored throughout polypropylene. On demand it is possible to produce different shapes and sizes of pools. Despite a pernament exposure to UV radiation and chemicals, a resistant surface finish, which is also pore-free, remains smooth, and therefore easily cleanable.

About us

Welcome to the website of Czech company SEPARA spol. s r.o. Brno. Our company SEPARA  spol. s r.o. delivers domestic sewage treatment plants from a range of 4 to 600 of inhabitants´ equivalent, furthermore, oil separators, grease separators, plastic tanks of various shapes which can be made on the basis of the individual requirements, plastic pools, and other square and round tanks and products from domestic and imported thermoplastic materials such as polypropylene, polyethylene manufactured with an advanced technology with quality of international levels.



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