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Tradition and quality

  • binding tradition of making
  • high level of quality
  • a broad range of products

About company

SEPARA spol. s r.o. is the Czech company, founded in 1990. Our company SEPARA  spol. s r.o. delivers domestic sewage treatment plants from a range of 4 to 600 of inhabitants´ equivalent, furthermore, oil separators, grease separators, plastic tanks of various shapes which can be made on the basis of the individual requirements, plastic pools, and other square and round tanks and products from domestic and imported thermoplastic materials such as polypropylene, polyethylene manufactured with an advanced technology with quality of international levels.

 We supply our products to countries: 

-          Austria, Germany, France, Belgium, Sweden, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland

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    Swimming pools and accessories

    Our plastic pools are designed for exteriors and interiors such as gardens, relaxing centres, convalescent homes for children, spa, swimming pools, schools, fitness centres, hotels, family hotels, motels, saunas, men's clubs, etc.

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    Sewage treatment plants

    We offer sewage treatment plants in a range from 4 to 1000 of inhabitants ‘equivalent, for cottages, houses, recreational facilities, hotels, etc..

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    Plastic tanks and custom-type products

    The other products made of plastic produced by our company are plastic tanks of various shapes - series as well as custom made tanks, sedimentation tanks, plastic tanks for chemical and food industry. We also produce additional equipment for sewage treatment plants such as specific shafts, sand filters

  • Perex


    We offer grease separators of OTC and oil separators of ORL. Grease separators are used to capture the non-emulsified greases and oils flowing away in sewage.



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