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Sewage treatment plants

We offer sewage treatment plants in a range from 4 to 600 of inhabitants ‘equivalent, for cottages, houses, recreational facilities, hotels, etc...

For family houses

This cleaning is designed for 2-7 population

Sewage Treatment Plant type DCB 4K, 5K

Biological sewage treatment plants with rotary biokontaktorem packed, all-plastic. Equipment for cleaning waste water from objects that can not be for its location, or any other reason connected to the existing sewer system, or the system is not built.

Description sewage DCB 4K and 5K

DCB 4K, 5K used to clean waste water from residential facilities, residential sites, farms and recreational facilities with the number of 2-7 population equivalent ( for one PE to be considered is the value of BOD5 60 g.den-1 and the amount of waste water 150 l . day-1). The data used for the design and location of DCB 4K, 5K, the requirements of investors of spatial planning and water management authorities.

Technical informations




Basic dimensions [mm]

1500 x 1600

2000 x 1900

Weight [kg]



Drive motor

120W/400 V

120W/400 V

Qd (m3/d)

0,6 m3

1 m3

Inlet for connection to the sewer is made by polypropylene tube with a diameter of 160/150 mm polypropylene tube outlet diameter 110/90, or according to customer's requirement. For correct operation it is necessary WWTP WWTP design of both the maximum flow and the total daily load, and with regard to the limit concentration of BOD5 400 mg.l -1. At higher concentrations, it is necessary to discuss the design of wastewater treatment plants with the manufacturer. WWTP reaches the maximum hydraulic load and fabric BOD5 value of effluent to 25 mg.l -1.

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